Where can I see Laura doodling in person?

Laura can be spotted drawing at various coffee shops around LA and Orange County, or painting at her easel at B Minus Studio in Santa Ana, CA and welcomes visitors.

How can I commission Laura for a painting, drawing, or mural?

Email Laura at lauraweinbergerart@gmail.com for all inquiries!

Wait, is Laura also a tattoo artist?

Yes! Yes she is. As if she couldn't be any cooler. Visit her tattoo site at lowbarink.com to check out her work.

Why does Laura draw animals so much?

Because animals are awesome. They are a model for how life should be lived at its essence while we putter about weighed down by our imaginary societal catastophes and feeling of impending doom. Why do you NOT draw animals so much?

Does Laura have social media?

Yes she does! Click the links on the bottom right to peruse her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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