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   Luka is a muralist, fine artist, and conservation artist based out of Orange County, California. Their images involve humans, animals, plant life, or some combination of both.


 "It is my belief that art should be personal and unaffected by the cultural aesthetic zeitgeist. I paint figures in a classical manner as I am moved by stillness, subtle gazes, light, and the rhythms of the human body I am depicting subjects that belong to the lgbtq+ community (signified, in part, by my ostentatious and chromatic palette), as well as other racial and religious minority groups, and am including animals that are primarily painted from my own memory and knowledge of color, light, and surface texture. Animals become symbols of our sexualities, personalities, and communities, and I pose them in colorful voids with my human subjects. I also paint and draw animals alone, stifled by humanness through pollution, industry, taxidermy, and captivity. I choose to paint humans and animals together because too often, we must pick and choose a cause that we believe in; but I see art as an opportunity to cross-pollinate my passions for conservation and social justice.  It is my belief that whatever you do with your career, you must find a way to make it work toward the betterment of the world.   I grew up heavily involved in women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, civil rights, conservation, and mental health advocacy.  Therefore, the depiction of individuals and creatures that, throughout recorded history, have not been fairly or equally represented or fought for is of great importance to me as an artist and human being."



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