• Luka Weinberger

LOVE ME Process!

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

I managed to (for once) take photos as I painted this piece for a show at B Minus Studios in Santa Ana.

Step 1: The Block In

Using Mona Lisa mineral spirits as a medium, I choose a neutral that will be in a dominant paint mixture (earth oxide, burnt Sienna, yellow ochre, etc) and use it to draw in my simplified image. Then, I will apply a thinned coat of my "light" and "shadow" mixtures immediately.

Step 2: First Real Pass

Next, I do a thicker pass that explores my midtones and reflected lights, too. Still keeping it loose, not attempting any details, and I am waiting to decide what my background will look like based on these color choices.

Step 3: Background

You can see that I'm not getting some more details in the teeth, but I've also chosen the strokes and color of my background. I went with red because the palette of the skull was at its base, yellow and blue, so red was the obvious choice to make it a primary palette painting.

Step 4: Final Details and Thick Application

In this final pass, I tighten things up, add some more saturation to the background, and add highlights. Bam, done. This painting took about three hours overall. Thanks for looking, and stay tuned for more process posts!

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